once upon a time

Get ready to dig into the very latest production stills from ABC’s hit fantasy series, Once Upon a Time. What clues can you gather from these photos?

You’ve probably got the shakes something fierce as a result from fairytale land withdrawal, but you will soon get your fix. Season 2 of Once Upon a Time returns with a vengeance, beginning again on Sunday, March 3, with an episode called “The Queen Is Dead”.

You can expect most of the action to surround Mary Margaret and David’s quest. With some help from Mother Superior, they will seek to obtain The Dark One’s dagger before anyone else can get to it. What’s the bad news? Well, Cora and Regina each have a nasty plan for the artifact as well.

The Charmings are looking rather charming, as they stand, literally, against the clock. Why so much tension? Well, they are facing off against Regina, it looks like. In fact, Ginnifer Goodwin’s Mary Margret has to be held back at one point by Josh Dallas’ David. Whatever happens at the height of this collision, you can bet it’s dramatic. Just look at Snow’s horror-stricken face.

What else is going on? As we promised, 24‘s Rena Sofer will appear as Eva, Snow’s mother, while Bailee Madison tackles the job of playing young Snow White. Red is definitely Sofer’s color, don’t you think? See, in fairytale land, the Blue Fairy will offer the youngster an enchantment that could save the life of her dying mother. Interesting!

This season’s guests have included Sebastian Stan as Mad Hatter, David Anders as Dr. Viktor Frankenstein, Barbara Hershey in the role of Cora, Jorge Garcia as Anton the Giant, Alan Dale as King George and Keegan Connor Tracy as The Blue Fairy a.k.a. Mother Superior. She is pictured in this batch as well.

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