Scandal ABC

It seems like a lifetime ago that Eric Mabius charmed audiences on Ugly Betty, a show that never became as popular as it might have deserved to be. Since it’s cancellation, I’ve been hoping Mabius would find another series to take on in a lead role, but nothing has some up in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped him from making the occasional guest appearance on already establishes shows. The latest series to welcome him with open arms is Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal, where I’m sure he will feel right at home in its intense environment, especially after his recent stint on Political Animals.

Mabius will be guest starring as Sen. Peter Caldwell, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He’s the member of a very powerful political family who turns to OPA for advice from Olivia. He’ll be involved in at least one episode, starting in Feb. 21’s “Boom Goes the Dynamite.” More detailed info on the upcoming episode is scarce, but we’re only a week away from its premiere so I think we can wait a while longer to learn what’s coming. Plus, Mabius is definitely worth the wait. He’ll always have a special place in my heart no matter what part he’s playing.

Recently, Rhimes spoke out on how this season of Scandal is being structured. “We always start out the season telling a case of the week [format] and then as our over-arching story ramps up, we lose the case of the week and our case of the week becomes this bigger story that we’re telling,” said Rhimes. It’s a good strategy for building a season of television, especially if you’re a fan of serialized storytelling. Starting off with a few standalone episodes allows you to get comfortable while building toward a bigger picture storyline. I love overarching stories, especially when they are structured this way.

Aside from Mabius, you should also keep your eyes out for Lisa Edelstein, who was recently announced as taking a guest-starring role as well.