Sesame Street PBS

I don’t think enough credit is given to the creative minds who put together Sesame Street. For children’s programming, it can be awfully hilarious. Just take this Downton Abbey parody video as a chief example of the high quality jokes it can crank out while still being appealing to kids. The humor of Upside Downton Abbey – a place where everything is upside down – comes in adult and children flavors. The jokes directed specifically at Downton Abbey are going to go over your children’s heads, but they’ll be too busy laughing at steak and kidney pies falling up to the ceiling and then falling back down once gravity has been righted.

The bit has puppet versions of Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) and Mr. Carson (Jim Carter). I have to say; the impressions are pretty spot on, if a little exaggerated. Whoever is doing Smith’s character is just too great. And they way Mr. Carson kept saying “ma’am” in that typical British way was almost too much to handle. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at a Sesame Street video. And we got to learn about gravity a little bit as well, so this is a definite win. My only wish is it could have lasted longer, added some more characters from Downton Abbey, but then we’d be watching something completely different. Still, I think a good amount of money could be made off of a full-on puppet parody of Downton.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking out another puppet parody video, Birdwalk Empire. You guessed it; it’s taking cues from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. I wonder what other TV shows Sesame Street might take a crack at. Could we be seeing a Breaking Bad style video soon, or perhaps something more along the lines of Mad Men? I would kill to see Game of Thrones done with puppets, but I think that’s asking a bit too much.