Strawberry Shortcake Introducing It’s First Male Character Modeled After Justin Bieber

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I’m sure some of you will have found your way to this article by way a Google search for “Justin Bieber,” so I want to apologize upfront for inadvertently leading you to a story about Strawberry Shortcake’ Berry Bitty Adventures. But I implore you to stick around and see what I have to say. You might find you enjoy yourself or even feel inclined to watch a couple episodes of the Hub cartoon. And trust me when I say this won’t be devoid of Bieber-related content, it just won’t be about him directly. It’s more about how he continues to inspire people in ways you might not have expected. Which brings us to how Bieber has influenced Strawberry Shortcake’s only male lead.

The series has so far introduced us to Cherry Jam, Lemon Meringue, Plum Pudding and, of course, the title character. But Entertainment Weekly reported the Feb. 23 season premiere would introduce a new character, though he’s technically old in terms of the history of the franchise. We’ll be meeting Huckleberry Pie, who older folk might remember as a Mark Twain type in the ‘80s version of the cartoon, what with his straw hat and all. But this new take on the character is looking for a more modern approach, as has been the case with the other characters, with Huck being modeled after Justin Bieber and other male pop stars little girls obsess over.

“We wanted him to look adorable, but feel very current, and you know that hairdo is quite Bieberesque,” said American Greeting Properties vice president of production Sarah Finn. All the characters on the show are more fashion-conscious than the cartoons of old, but that’s just part of the current culture. Kids are so much more invested in looks. It’s a maturity that happens much earlier than it used to. But that doesn’t mean this Huck guy is going to be involved in any romances with the female characters. The show will teach young girls they can be friends with boys without there needing to be anything romantic bubbling under the surface, or that gender differences are an issue. He’s just a fun, humorous character, nothing more.

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