CW’s The Originals – Is Leah Pipes Going to be the New Elena?

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If you were hoping The Originals would be more than just a clone of its mother series, The Vampire Diaries, you might want to take a seat for this potentially devastating news. After weeks of casting, The Originals has finally found its first all human character with no connection that we know of to the supernatural world. Leah Pipes was picked to play the spinoff’s main human character, which makes it look like yet another love triangle between vampire brothers is being set up. Granted, at this point it’s all just speculation, but you’d have to be daft not to pick up on the obvious parallels being put in place.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Pipes plays Camille, a college psychology student who is really into the study of human behavior but is totally clueless about the supernatural. She might be a tough looking blonde, but she could easily be the new Elena, though if she’s going to be a love interest for Klaus, she’d actually be replacing Caroline from Vampire Diaries. It really seems like no matter what Klaus does, he’s going to have to say goodbye to whatever hopes he has of ever having a relationship with Caroline.

I really don’t want Camille to be just another girl caught between two vampires and I definitely don’t want to see Klaus and Elijah as the new Damon and Stefan. I’m trusting Julie Plec, who is writing the backdoor pilot, to create a different situation. I’m tired of love triangles and and love shapes of any type. Let’s just have straight up relationships without a girl needing to make a choice between two controlling male characters. Wouldn’t it be great if she had no interest in them? Let’s make her a lesbian just to completely remove any possibility of that love triangle happening.

The Originals will air its pilot on April 25 and also stars Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Daniella Pineda and Danielle Campbell.

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