Under the Dome

We have been keeping our fingers on the pulse of CBS’s upcoming Stephen King adaptation called Under the Dome. In the news today, the 13-episode science fiction thriller has hired actress Aisha Hinds to play an interesting attorney with a problem. We’ve got the details.

Hinds will act in the role of Carolyn Hill, who is a strong, independent Los Angeles entertainment attorney who gets trapped in Chester’s Mill while driving through town with her partner and their daughter. There’s nothing like driving through a small town and getting sidelined by a giant dome. There’s no way through it, so the family is stuck. The drama in this vignette may be particularly striking because the couple was on the way to a camp for troubled youth, where they intended to drop off their daughter, explained Deadline.

Hinds has done all sorts of television roles. Her resume contains a laundry list and good shows, including Crossing Jordan, Medium, Invasion, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Lost, Lincoln Heights, Bones, Prison Break, True Blood, Dollhouse, Weeds, Detroit 1-8-7 and CSI: Miami. I think that deserves some applause!

I am definitely looking forward to this project, which brings together two very talented Steves. They are, of course, Stephen King, who wrote the novel Under the Dome in 2009, and Steven Spielberg. When it comes to rock stars, there is another one worth mentioning. Brian K. Vaughn, comic book writer extraordinaire, adapted King’s novel for television.

So, how does the cast look so far? Very nice, if you ask me!

Youngster Colin Ford is Joe, a savvy young teenager whose parents are trapped outside of the town. Natalie Martinez will play Deputy Linda. Alex Koch is Junior Rennie, a disturbed youngster, obsessed with a waitress who longs for anywhere but Chester’s Mill, acted by Secret Circle‘s Britt Robertson.