Under the Dome CBS

So something called the Super Bowl happened this past weekend? Apparently it was a big deal, but I can’t say I know much about it aside from there being a ton of funny commercials that are now freely available on the Internet. Among the crop of videos were the occasional promotional teasers for various forthcoming and currently airing TV shows. One such preview was for Under the Dome, based on the Stephen King novel. The quick teaser was… vague, to put it nicely. In harsher terms, it was next to useless. If it was supposed to install a kind of curiosity in me, it failed miserably.

For starters, the promo is super short, only lasting long enough to get across that there’s going to be a town stuck inside a giant dome. The line in the promo is “Say goodbye to the outside world.” That about sums up all that we see. The promo doesn’t even say if it’s a movie or a television series, just that it’s based on the King novel and there’s a website you can visit if you were so inclined. I’m literally struggling to find words to say anything about this. I’m more frustrated than intrigued. I don’t want to go to some website to figure out what the hell I just watched.

Thankfully, I’m not sitting around with no prior knowledge. Under the Dome is definitely a TV series and it’s set to premiere this summer, specifically on Monday, June 24. It’s airing on CBS and stars Colin Ford and Natalie Martinez. Think of it as a social commentary on how when forced into a corner – or in this case a dome – men and women turn on each other. A small group of people will attempt to main peace while trying to discover the truth behind the mysterious dome that is cutting Chester’s Mill, Maine off from the rest of the world.