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Can anything unite Elena with Stefan in the future of the Vampire Diaries? Could the search for the cure team the former couple with Elena’s arch-nemesis, Rebekah? Is Katherine about to put in a Mystic Falls appearance? Perhaps these sexy new posters hold some answers and clues. Then again, they may just raise more questions.

Hot off the presses from the CW comes these Vampire Diaries promo posters. You get the sexy style the show’s art so often delivers, but there are some surprises as well.

Let’s see if we can decode this. In the first piece, Stefan, acted by Paul Wesley lingers behind Claire Holt’s Rebekah and Nina Dobrev’s Elena. Stefan is all in black, but then so is Elena. And she’s really dressed to kill. But Elena is also slightly distanced from the other two. The tagline reads, “An unlikely threesome.” We know the hunt is on for the vampire cure. This is most likely what’s forcing the three into an uneasy alliance.

In the second stunning image, we have good reason to believe that’s not Elena seated and wearing velvety blood red. I’m willing to bet this is the wavy haired temptress, Katherine. Behind her in the photo are Bonnie, as delivered by Kat Graham, and Steven McQueen’s Jeremy handling a handy crossbow. But wait! Who is that in the corner? It’s Klaus, continually played by Joseph Morgan, as seen in a mirror. This one’s tagline reads “Prepare for houseguests.”

It’s clear, any way you slice it, trouble is a-brewin’.

Does season 4 still make you swoon? Keep up with Vampire Diaries on the CW on Thursday nights. The Jan. 31st episode was titled “A View to a Kill”.

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