Striking Peek At History’s Vikings


My, my, my, the action-packed adventure-drama called Vikings, coming soon from the History Channel, is looking mighty fantastic. The newest piece of promotional art doesn’t look bad either. Behind that sparking blue eye, wild, fair-colored beard, and silver, knot-work insignia, is Ragnar Lothbrok, hero of the series and someone I think we’re all going to enjoy getting to know.

Ragnar will be brought to life by Travis Fimmel. He’s looking tough and unshaven here, but not so long ago the young man began as a Calvin Klein model and later co-starred with Patrick Swayze in A&E’s The Beast as a rookie FBI agent.

History’s Vikings explodes onto the airwaves Sunday, March 3 at 10/9c, hence the 3.3.13 listed on the poster. The original series will offer some authenticity to the real culture which has inspired such heroes and Marvel Comics Thor, Beowulf and Karl Urban’s turn as aviking in the action film, Pathfinder. You’ve heard that winter is coming. Well, “a storm is coming”, too. That’s the series’ rather fitting slogan.

Vikings will be presented as a nine-part scripted series. It will allow a detailed look into the Dark Age raiders, traders and explorers from the inside. As Ragnar, Fimmel is a “compelling farmer and family man” who boasts being of the same bloodline as the Norse god Odin, says TV Line. Don’t let him fool you, however. Ragnar is a conqueror at heart…and in body.

Actor Gabriel Byrne will star as Ragnar’s local chieftain, Earl Haraldson. Actor Gustaf Skarsgard will play his goofy, creative friend Floki. I won’t say how lame an attempt the name Floki is to disguise the familiar moniker, Loki…

Bones actress Katheryn Winnick is Lagertha, a warrior in her own right and Ragnar’s wife. Jessalyn Gilsig formerly of Heroes is the chieftain’s wife. George Blagden, who we just saw in Les Miserables is a captured Christian monk from England. Lastly, Clive Standen is Rollo, Ragnar’s “strike first, ask questions later” brother.

This one looks good. It does come from the same network that delivered Hatfields & McCoys. It was created and written by The Tudors creator Michael Hirst and is being called “high on adventure, exploration, conflict, warfare, and bloodshed,” but also a “family saga.”

Need something to watch before the March debut? Try Gabriel Byrne and Christian Bale in Royal Deceit, a Hamlet tale set in early Denmark. There’s definitely a viking feel and you’ll see a handful of actors who have gone on to become quite famous.

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