CBS: Miami actor Adam Rodriguez has signed on for a new CBS drama pilot titled Reckless. The pilot comes from CSI: Miami producer CBS TV Studios. Wait until you get a load of the other cast members.

Reckless takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. Deadline reports that the plot revolves around Jamie, a very attractive lady lawyer who happens to be a Yankee, and Roy, a Southern attorney. Jamie is played by Deception actress Anna Wood and Roy is Twilight hottie Cam Gigandet, also of Burlesque.

The pair of lawyers must struggle to deny their growing physical attraction when they find themselves on opposite sides of a police sex scandal.

Rodriguez will play Preston in the pilot. He’s a detective with the Charleston PD. His partner is Trey, who will be acted by Shawn Hatosy.

Former CSI actors are proving they are hot commodities. Marg Helgenberger has been in the news attaching herself to another pilot called Intelligence. Rodriguez was recently spotted on the big screen in Magic Mike, but Ugly Betty is also on his television resume. CSI: Miami was cancelled in 2012. Helgenberger was a part of Vegas’ CSI flagship series until the end of that show’s 12th season.

How nice would it be to see Cam Gigandet every week on CBS? Not that we wish to downplay Rodriguez’s role. It does seem like a good fit for Rodriguez, who is accustomed to acting on a procedural.

In other news, this is the second report of a Southland mainstay booking a pilot. Shawn Hatosy has been with all five seasons. Today we also report Ben McKenzie’s attachment to a pilot called The Advocates, opposite Mandy Moore. McKenzie has also been with the show since it’s inception. Southland cast members fear the gritty cop drama may not be renewed for a 6th season. Believe me, it is my fear, too.