Okay, Silverstone fans, cross your fingers, because you all are very close to getting a wish come true. Alicia Silverstone is very close to starring in a new Lifetime series. She’ll lead the pilot, but the waters are murky. There’s no telling whether this one will make it to a full series order or not. The new drama pilot is called HR.

I just saw Silverstone in 2012’s Butter. It took me a moment to recognize her, but that voice of her and twisted mouth is very recognizable. Not only is it good to read about her landing a starring role, but it seems like HR has a solid chance at becoming a Lifetime series and I’ll tell you why.

The network ordered the pilot last summer, along with Cinnamon Girl, The Secret Lives Of Wives and Witches Of East End, according to the Deadline report, but made clear the pilot would only be picked up contingent if it cast the lead role. Oops. Well, maybe not Oops. You see, the network really wanted to find the right actress, so they took their time. And now they’ve got her.

HR is written by Glenn Porter and follows the antics of a really “uptight” Director of Human Resources for who becomes the victim of a head injury. This completely changes her outlook. By the book? Not any more! Think of it as Dharma and Gregg meeting Regarding Henry/ Samantha Who?

HR is executive produced by Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment and co-executive produced by Porter and Michael Lohmann.

Silverstone had a recurring role on ABC’s Suburgatory and appeared in a 2012 comedy/ horror film called Vamps, where she co-starred with Sigourney Weaver and Malcolm McDowell. Of those other Lifetime pilots I mentioned, only Witches Of East End went to series.

Ready for some Silverstone trivia? Can you picture her doing Shakespeare? Well, in 2000, she played the role of a princess in Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Love’s Labour’s Lost.