Burn Notice USA Network

Former Heroes and Political Animals cast member Adrian Pasdar has found himself a nice and cozy recurring role on the upcoming seventh season of Burn Notice. The USA Network drama is gearing up to explore the mysterious deal made by Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) in the last season finale. Michael will find himself in new territories, face to face with formidable friends and foes from his past. I can’t say for sure if Pasdar is a friend or foe from the past, but I do know his character is dangerous and will most certainly be a foe in the present.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Pasdar will be playing Randall Burke, a savvy, dangerous and unpredictable former Special Ops soldier now running a freelance terrorist ring. He’s a charismatic wild card, oozing with danger and courage. He sounds like he could’ve been, at some point in time, a standup guy and he is still the kind of person who will show you the time of your life – provided you’re on his good side. If you manage to find yourself on his bad side, watch your back. He probably wants you dead. Pasdar is the perfect choice of actor if you want someone who is suave, but hiding a sinister side. While Heroes may not have been the greatest of shows in its later seasons, Pasdar always knew how to act like a dick when it was needed of him.

Pasdar’s casting illuminates a small casting announcement from a little while back. Along with Jack Coleman and Stephen Martines being cast, Nick Tarabay was given the part of Dexter Gambie, a freelance operative. Is very likely Dexter will come to work for Randall’s terrorist ring. It makes me wonder what kind of terrorist acts they’ll be committing. Are they aiming to attack America? If so, the obvious follow up question is why? What did America ever do anybody?

And let’s not ignore the fact Pasdar’s casting reunites him with his former Heroes co-star Jack Coleman.