Doubt ABC

Steve Coogan may be the star of ABC’s David Shore drama pilot Doubt, but there are more pieces needed to put this puzzle together. Coogan’s character, Vincent, has an interesting backstory as a cop leaving his badge behind to become a low-rent lawyer, using all his cunning, charms and street smarts to work the system for his clients while battling his own demons, but there’s plenty going on in his present that requires the work of other actors. Just recently, Carla Gugino and John Pankow joined the pilot, giving the story a more completed feel. Now I can see the picture forming.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gugino and Pankow are both playing attorneys with strong connections to Vincent. Gugino plays his ex-wife and current lover Linda. She’s an intelligent, hard-working and no-nonsense ADA with little patience for Vincent’s courtroom antics. She knows precisely how to push his buttons it court and in the bedroom. Though she still has feelings for him and regularly sleeps with him, she can’t live with him. Naturally, Vincent will spend more than enough time attempting to win her back. Why else would she be important to the project? Every hero needs a maiden to rescue.

As Pankow, the Episodes star will be playing Syd Newman, an old-school attorney working with his wife and fellow attorney in law offices rented from Vincent. The couple argues as most couples do and face eviction from their building due to Vincent neglecting to pay the rent. They end up representing Vincent during a trial and Syd acts as a sort of surrogate father. It’s a relationship that is only kind of weird considering how close the actors are in age – a decade isn’t that far between. Maybe Syd should be a surrogate older brother.

Shore is writing the pilot and also executive producing. Tommy Schlamme will direct. Also starring in the pilot is Rockmond Dunbar, Greg Grunberg and Kacey Rohl.