While ABC’s Last Resort may have been under watched and thus short lived, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see the cast in other productions. For example, Dichen Lachman has been cast in an upcoming episode of CSI, so if you were a fan of her particular character and want to continue seeing her in other works, just keep an eye out for her episode and you can see her be all sexy and dangerous in that special way she does things. She might even be a murderer, because every guest star on CSI has the potential to be a blood thirsty killer.

According to TVLine, Lachman will appear in the May 1 episode as Jessica, a seductive and edgy pharmaceutical rep who could very well be having an affair with a coworker. It’s an innocent enough scenario – it seems like everyone is seeing someone else these days – until her colleague turns up dead at a corporate retreat and she becomes the obvious suspect. Why? Presumably simply because they were involved and affairs rarely end well, but there must be something other than their relationship that makes her suspicious. Something must have happened between them to cast doubt on Jessica’s innocence.

Let’s say Jessica’s lover was becoming sick of just being the other man and wanted her to come clean to her husband or boyfriend and leave him because he wanted her all to himself. And then when she was apprehensive toward doing something that would certainly destroy her relationship, her coworker/lover threatened to spill the beans and expose her infidelity. If that plays out before the murder, then I could see why she would be a suspect. When men are raging around trying to ruin your marriage/relationship so they can claim you as their own, you’ve got to put them in their place. Sometimes – and this is rare – that involves murder. Or maybe she’s innocent. That card’s not off the table yet.