Girl Meets World Disney Channel

Because the world just wouldn’t be the same without controversy over the silliest of things, talk has spread about the possibility of the Boys Meet World sequel, Girl Meets World, being  pulled from Disney Channel’s upfront presentation this week because star Danielle Fishel did a sexy photoshoot for Maxim that included an interview containing questionable subject matter. And do you know what that questionable subject matter was? It was a simple anecdote that happened to include a reference to cocaine. And just to be clear on the context, the cocaine reference was from something Bob Saget said to her and her family while on a plane ride. No cocaine use for Fishel.


My only question regarding the Maxim feature is why does anybody care? I get that she’s going to be on a Disney Channel series, but really? Miley Cyrus did way worse things when she was still a Disney kid and Fishel is hardly a child anymore, even if she was one once on Boy Meets World. She’s a grown woman now and has been out of the spotlight for years, can anybody really say children are going to be negatively affected by her decision to shed some clothes and feel good about herself? Thankfully, Disney isn’t making too big a deal of the situation. While Disney executive producer and Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs was surprised by the Maxim feature – again, why? – Deadline reported Girl Meets World would still have a place at upfronts.

The decision to take the potential series to upfronts despite only being in the pilot stage – upfront presentations are usually reserved for series that have been picked – shows Disney has a lot of faith in the sequel, suggesting they plan to give the series a full order no matter what. I hope they do and I hope Fishel continues to appear in as little clothing as she wants in whatever magazine she chooses – fingers crossed for Playboy.