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The midseason premiere of Doctor Who’s seventh season is just days away – this coming Saturday in fact – and as has been a recent tradition, a prequel for the first episode, “The Bells of Saint John,” is out on the Internet for us rabid fans to consume and study. The prequel, embedded below, features our beloved Doctor swinging alone on a swing set. This occurrence could be considered creepy if this weren’t a TV show, but we all know the Doctor means no harm to any children that may be running around. In fact he looks positively lonesome, which prompts a young girl to take seat on the swing next to him.

The little girl immediately acts as if she knows how odd the Doctor is, saying he’s much too old to be playing on the swings. She acknowledges she shouldn’t be talking to strange men, but the Doctor points out he’s so strange he’s full blown incredible. But he is lonely. The girl can tell he’s lost something, which she knows a lot about. She’s lost plenty of things in her life, including her mojo – don’t worry, she got it back. The Doctor admits he lost someone, twice. He’s referring to Clara, who he’s only met on two occasions and both times she died.

Since then, the Doctor has been looking for her, but now he’s decided to stop searching and just sit and wait, hoping destiny will bring him to her. By now we should have all figured out the little girl is Clara Oswald – which we discover right near the end of the prequel. It’s a pretty obvious twist, but it’s one I enjoy and further solidifies that the Doctor is somehow bound to Clara and will continue to run into her for some reason. He was right – it is destiny that’s bringing them together, he just needs to be a little more observant.