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Doctor Who Returns With a New Companion and Old Foes

Doctor Who BBC

The second half of Season 7 is likely to be the most anticipated return to television Doctor Who has ever experienced. Gearing up for its 50th anniversary, the long running sci-fi series is coming back with a brand new companion for Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor and has some exciting episodes ready to be dished out to the fans that have waited since last fall for their Doctor Who fix. The direction the series is headed has been kept under wraps, but every now and then we’re gifted with a little sneak peek, which is just what I have for you today. A handful of promotional images for Season 7’s second half are right here for your viewing pleasure.

While Jenna-Louise Coleman has already made two appearances on the show, neither time did she play the same character – or maybe she did. She’s a confusing new addition, but will officially join the Doctor as his companion in the first episode of the show’s return. “The Bells of St John” will be her first adventure – or third, depending on how you look at it – where her and the Doctor go to London and find something lurking in the Wi-Fi signals in the area. The episode was written by Steven Moffat and introduces something called Spoonheads. You can also see the Doctor once again has his fez. Joy!

The next two photos are from an episode written by Luther creator Neil Cross. It’s set on an alien planet and will have feature a draconian, as of yet unseen in the new era of Doctor Who. You might also notice the Doctor has slightly altered his costume, incorporating a vest and wearing a different, longer jacket. The final picture is from Episode 10, which features guest star Dougray Scott, who takes the Doctor and Clara into a haunted house.

Other episodes in the second half will include the highly anticipated return of the Cybermen in an episode penned by Neil Gaiman, a submarine and many other wonders.

Doctor Who BBC

Doctor Who BBC

Doctor Who BBC

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