Game of Thrones HBO

If there was one thing I might have found frustrating with Season 2 of Game of Thrones it was just how loose of an adaptation it was of A Clash of Kings, the second book in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Season 1 kept very close to the book it was based on, but Season 2 made some serious departures. The overall storyline was basically the same and the characters all ended up in roughly the same places they did in the books, but it was still noticeable when things diverged from the source material. My only hope for Season 3 is that it stays more closely to the letter and only makes changes when absolutely necessary. Thankfully, the extended Season 3 trailer gives me hope we’ll be getting the adaptation we want.

Some of the footage seen in the trailer is from the previous trailer HBO released, but it’s all awesome so why bother differentiating between versions? Let’s just examine everything that stands out. A big shot we see near the start is a group of wildlings climbing the side of the Wall, and later on we see Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall, rousing his people for their battle against those south of the Wall. When we last saw him, Jon Snow was being taken to see Mance and pretending to want to be a part of his army. Speaking of armies, Daenerys is building her own. We see her standing amidst a decently sized group of identical looking soldiers. Could these be the Unsullied? Later on we see her on a boat with one of her dragons flying around. Big things are going to be happening this season.

There are smaller moments that we get glimpses of, but they are still just as important. We see, quite briefly, Thoros the red priest lighting his sword on fire and fighting against Sandor Clegane AKA The Hound. Near the end we see Brienne in a pit fighting a bear, a very important scene for her character from the book. We also see her at another point fighting Jaime, who is supposed to be her captive. Even Yara Greyjoy turns up once or twice, which means there will be new material written for the season that isn’t based on anything from the books, as Yara – called Asha in the books – isn’t featured in A Sword of Storms.

We, of course, get little touches from the other characters, but they aren’t really worth mentioning. Tyrion is still amazing; Joffrey is still a dick; and Bran is still crippled. Oh, and there’s sex. Can’t go wrong with sex.