Game of Thrones HBO

We are less than two weeks away from the Season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones, which means we are going to be pummeled by content from HBO, because that’s just their style. In the last little while, trailers and promotional images for the new season have increased in frequency, at once giving us exactly what we’ve been wanting for months while enticing us to want more, more, MORE! The latest preview for the upcoming season, premiering March 31, is called “The Beast” and is a fast paced look at various characters and the situations they find themselves in following the conclusion of Season 2.

We once again get some solid looks at Dany’s new army, as well as that now familiar shot of her dragon soaring over the ocean and over Dany’s ship. From the second the preview starts, we’re treated to a whirlwind of imagery. It goes by so fast it’s hard to tell what’s what. A lot of it is footage we’ve seen before, such as Sandor Clegane doing battle with Thoros and his flaming sword, as well as Jaime and Brienne squaring off. But there are a few new clips scattered through out. We see Varys describing King Joffrey as someone who would burn the entire kingdom just so he could be king of the ashes. A better description of Joffrey would be hard to come by.

Over the Wall, Jon has come face-to-face the Wildling king, Mance Rayder. Jon claims to want to be free and join the wildings – a farce he’s using to infiltrate their ranks – but Mance knows what Jon really wants: to be a hero. We get a quick look at Stannis post-defeat. He says his enemies believe him to be destroyed and they laugh at him, but obviously he’s far from out of this war. There is plenty of action seen in the preview. Hopefully that’s telling of the season as a whole and not just a couple of episodes.