Game of Thrones HBO

For those of you without the means to rewatch Game of Thrones Season 2 in its entirety, HBO has an alternative to get you caught up before Season 3 premieres March 31: a Game of Thrones Season 2 Recap Show, available on YouTube and embedded down below. The video features a small portion of the cast – including Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Michelle Fairley and Kit Harrington – recounting the events of the show’s second season. It’s mildly interesting, but it’s not anything you have to watch. It is what is: a recap, intended for anyone who doesn’t want to sit through ten hours of Game of Thrones.

What would’ve been nice, instead of just the cast retelling the season in interview style cutaways mixed with footage from the actual episodes, is if we were treated to a roundtable discussion with the cast; everyone talking about the events in a semi-linear sense. What we have here is mostly boring and lasts nearly 14 minutes. It’s not exciting like a discussion would be, hearing the other actors’ take on the many different characters and plotlines. Especially considering how far removed Clarke’s character is from action on Westeros. It would be nice to see her interact with the other cast members and get their take on Dany’s situation.

This is just me and my wishful thinking. The recap does what it needs to do and no one should ask anything more of it. It skins off any unimportant details, getting right to the meat and potatoes of what went down in Season 2. At the very least it gets you excited for what’s to come in Season 3 by showing you exactly where all the characters were left off. Now if only this recap could have led right in to the Season 3 premiere! That would’ve been a great way to start off the season.