Grey's Anatomy

One thing’s for sure, there’s going to be a baby. In tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, that fact will push Meredith to the edge as she gives in to every mother’s fears. Will my baby be “normal”? Check out the video.

Tonight’s episode is called “Idle Hands”. It sees Mer studying for an exam, pulling an allnighter, and then kind of freaking out about baby. If you’re behind on ABC’s hit drama, then maybe you didn’t know it, but Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith and Patrick Dempsey’s Derek have conceived.

The problem with working in the medical field is knowing a little too much about human biology. As Meredith notes in the clip, she knows the baby’s eyesight should be forming at this stage in her pregnancy, “unless its not–unless she’s blind,” she says.

Before you break out the “Its a Girl” party balloons, let me tell you, the couple don’t actually know the sex of their unborn child. That’s why you hear Derek suggesting one parent call “it” a “he” and the a “she” until they know for sure. You can tell Meredith is a bit panicked when she retorts in the negative to that suggestion, because she doesn’t want her baby being born thinking one parent is always right and the other is always wrong. The look on McDreamy’s face following that epic logic fail is priceless.

The exclusive video was delivered by our dear friends over at THR who also had the latest from series creator, Shonda Rhimes about what exactly is in the cards for our central couple.

“I see on Twitter a lot that everybody thinks I’m some sort of knife-wielding murderess, killing people at the hospital at will,” she said. “I can’t believe that people think that, but the one positive thing about people believing it is that the audience does not take anything for granted. The audience does not look at Meredith’s pregnancy and just assume there’s a happy baby at the end of it. Like life, they recognize things going on are unpredictable. I have great plans for Meredith and Derek and what’s going to happen is going to be really beautiful.”

Furthermore, “One of the things I wanted to portray is that energy and strength that happens in women when they’re pregnant. Seeing that in the Meredith was going to be really interesting to portray, and that’s one of the things you’re going to see in her,” she said. “For a long time, she’s been very unwilling to accept the joy of being pregnant and as she gets past that, you’re going to see a much stronger Meredith.”