Doctor Who

Can you name the companion of the eleventh incarnation of everyone’s alien time traveler, Doctor Who? We can! That would be Clara Oswald, acted by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Clara is rather interesting because the eleventh Doctor, acted by Matt Smith, has watched her die twice in different times and locations. It seems like the 21st century incarnation of Clara will stick around for a while, even if the Doctor did find her in a graveyard.

The headlines today suggest that actress Jenna-Louise Coleman is sticking around for season 8!

Huffington Post had the details about the happy news. We may have first met Coleman as Oswin Oswald, a tragic figure, during episode one of series seven as she was eventually destroyed by the Daleks, and then again during the 2012 Christmas special “The Snowmen” as a 1892 era barmaid who also died, but the 21st century Clara will hang on to the key to TARDIS for another exciting season.

Fans will recall that Clara came along just in time to replace Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. In a recent interview on BBC Five radio, Coleman would not say just exactly how long she would stay with the series. “Yeah,” she said, “I can say I’ll be in Season 8.”

Doctor Who series 7 is on-going. BBC One will air the next episode, titled “The Bells of St. John” on March 30. This marks the first episode of series 7 since the winter break. Episode 6, which was also that fateful Christmas special called “The Snowmen” first aired on December 25th.

“The Bells of St. John” is written by the one and only Steven Moffat. Speaking of enormously appreciated writers, do not forget Neil Gaiman penned an episode to appear later this year titled “The Last Cyberman”.

Doctor Who star Matt Smith will be filming a movie in the U.S. soon, which means fans can expect a bit of a gap between seasons 7 and 8.