Next month a devilish new agent shows her face at Division when the CW’s Nikita premiers the new cast member, actress Jessica Camacho. You might recognize Camacho from ABC’s Last Resort, a great show that ended after only 13 episodes and won’t be seeing a second season order. TVLine had the exclusive news about Camacho’s guest appearance. Might it get bumped up to recurring status? Or will her dark intent endanger her health? We’ll have to wait and see.

Camacho’s episode will show on the CW on April 5th, when her character, Rachel, is proven to have quite an agenda. Certain to remind fans of Nikita herself, Rachael has designs for breaking free of Division’s power forever. Currently working as a technical operations staffer, Rachael is one of the few assets left in the shadowy organization’s hold.

Season 3 will run until May. This season, Nikita is right back in the place she thought she’d never be again: working for Division. Things aren’t as the used to be, however on the new team and Alex, as well as old allies, support her mission. Michael is also on their side, though at the beginning of the year he suffered the loss of his hand.

Camacho’s April 5 episode is titled “Tipping Point”. Apart of the mutiny which her character, Rachae,l is plotting, Nikita and Michael will also have the enticement of new prosthetic hand hitting their radars, one could gain them the old Michael back again, but at what cost?

Tonight’s episode will be just as action packed. In “Inevitability” Nikita suggests the new Division take a government mission to assassinate the President of Chad while he’s visiting Paris.

Of course Melinda Clarke’s Amanda is a constant threat. Also in the cast are Noah Bean as Ryan Fletcher, Dillon Casey as Sean Pierce and Final Destination actor Devon Sawa as Owen Elliot.

Aside from Last Resort, Camacho’s resume also include Gossip Girl, The Mentalist and Dexter.