The Big Bang Theory CBS Dish

Poor Kaley Cuoco. She’s so pretty and seemingly innocent. She probably didn’t even realize the trouble she was getting herself in to when she agreed to make a promotional tweet for Dish. You would think that because she works on a CBS sitcom (The Big Bang Theory) she would know the network is suing Dish over a feature in its Hopper service. It must have gone right over her head – or the allure of a little extra money on the side was too titillating – because for a while you could see “Amazing! Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome! Now where can I find a tiny beer? #ad” on her Twitter feed.

Since its posting, the tweet has been removed, so says The Wrap. Cuoco wouldn’t comment on the tweet and neither would anyone at CBS and Warner Bros. TV, producers of The Big Bang Theory. The controversy stems from Dish’s Auto Hop feature, which allows users to watch previously aired primetime shows without those annoying commercials everyone seems to hate so much. Because networks are so reliant on advertisers, you can understand why this would get under their skin. If viewers are just going to use Auto Hop to watch shows later without the ads, then why would advertisers pay to have their commercials aired? It upsets the balance of TV as it is right now.

Dish has a history of getting on the bad side of networks. Last year, Dish and AMC were involved in a heated legal battle that resulted in Dish removing AMC from its channel selection, cutting off subscribers from watching new episodes of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Of course, when you consider how ready viewers are to jump on anything that would eliminate the need for commercials, you can hardly blame Dish for giving its subscribers what they want, even if some networks are calling it “illegal.”