Bad Judge NBC

One of my favorite things to do when a show comes to a conclusion – whether natural or forced – is to track what happens to the stars afterward, seeing what jobs they might be interested in. With Private Practice over and done with, Kate Walsh has been getting plenty of pilot offers, which isn’t much of a surprise. What might surprise some of you is she’s getting more than enough comedy pilot offers. In fact, NBC is zeroing in on her as we speak for the lead role in its comedy pilot produced by none other than Will Ferrell via his and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Prods, as well as Anne Heche. Now, doesn’t that just seem like an unlikely combination of individuals?

It’s actually not that out of the ordinary when you pull back for a second and look at things from a different vantage point. Walsh has been doing some pretty funny stuff when she wasn’t busy with Private Practice. She had a couple of memorable moments on Childrens Hospital and has built a relationship with Ferrell and McKay from working on videos for Funny Or Die. Heche is still a bit of a surprise; especially considering the pilot is her idea that she then took to Gary Sanchez. And now Deadline reports Walsh could be playing the lead in Bad Judge.

Written by Chad Kultgen, Bad Judge centers on a hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman who plays with the law. Her life is constantly on the edge of becoming unbalanced, yet she’s also a judge in the Criminal Court system. This is whom Walsh would be playing. The pilot’s pickup would likely be off-cycle with Univeral TV producing and practically hinges on Walsh’s involvement. Heche and Jill Messick will executive producer with Ferrell and McKay.

This is the second comedy pilot Gary Sanchez has brought to NBC, the first being Assistance, which has Krysten Ritter attached to star.