kickin it

Tighten up your black belt, because an update on your favorite Disney XD martial arts series is coming right up. Are you ready for the return of Kickin’ It? The season 3 premier is on its way.

Monday, April 1, Kickin’ It is back in action. That’s only about a month away. This ain’t no April Fools joke, either. Expect the premier at 8:30/7:30c.

Jack, Milton, Jerry, Kim, Eddie, Rudy, Mika and the rest, all return for season 3. You could say the cast deserves a medal. (3 years is a long time to play one character. Just think of all the Downton Abbey cast members who seem to actually be running away from fame and steady work by opting to depart the show.) They will have to make due, however with a visit from a two-time Olympic gold medalist! Woo!

Yes, Gabby Douglas will guest-star in a season 3 episode as herself. This happens when Kim persuades Ms. Douglas to help coach her troubled gymnastic team right before an important competition. This isn’t Douglas’ first jaunt behind the camera. She appeared on scripted television just last Fall when she made a cool cameo on CW’s The Vampire Diaries. is giving fans of Kickin’ It some extra reason to celebrate. Also starting on April 1, the website will unveil a collection of games, the collection of which are called, “Kickin’ It: Ninja Warrior Training.” Sounds fun, right? Players who take part can join a virtual Bobby Wasabi dojo and work alongside Jack to strive for the class of Wasabi Warrior or earn that elusive virtual black belt.

Just don’t forget to stretch before and after! And never forget the code: “We swear by the light of the dragon’s eye, to be loyal and honest and never say die, Wasabi!”

Kickin’ It was created by Jim O’Doherty. Victoria Rocks performs the opening them song. Last season saw a special guest appearance from actress Denise Richards as Leona, the Black Belt Widow. Kyrie Iriving, George Wendt and Jillian Michaels also appeared.