Mad Men 1

Fashion is part and parcel to a period drama. Mad Men is no different. Portraying the threads of the times, however isn’t always pretty. Just take a look at today’s photos of Harry, direct from the much anticipated season 6. Don’t adjust your screens. That mustard color is legit.

Harry is acted by Rich Sommer and in these pics, Harry’s loud attire only makes Don, series star Jon Hamm, look that much more slick and studly. You have to give a chuckle. When EW premiered the snapshots they asked if this series was turning into That 70’s Show.

I actually like the navy blue silk ascot. That’s just me, though. And, ya know…you don’t see a lot of men in white pants anymore, not during the work day at least. I wonder why that is.

As previously announced, Mad Men dashes back into prime time on April 7 only on AMC. Don and Megan will take a trip to Hawaii, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll actually enjoy it. These photos come from the set, so you can expect Roger, Don and Harry riding around together at some point. Where do you think they are headed? Did they land a big account? Maybe they are off to cajole a new prospective client.

If you’re rusty on your Mad Men 101, Don Draper is the creative director and a partner now with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Harry Crane, our mustard-coated, ascot wearing pal, is the media buyer of the company and the head of Sterling Cooper’s television department. So, he’s got a little bit of that Hollywood juice flowing through his veins. The distinguished gray haired gent in the rear of the vehicle would be Roger Sterling, acted by John Slattery. He’s the boss, a senior partner that is, and Don’s mentor.

Jon Hamm, John Slattery and Rich Sommer film a scene for their hit TV show "Mad Men" in Los Angeles

Image Credits: Pacific Coast News & Mad Men