Mad Men AMC

It’s that magical time of year where AMC starts pumping our blood with Mad Men related everything, to remind us it has one of the best dramas on television – and it knows it. Today we have A Look at Season 6: Inside Mad Men, a short video with creator Matthew Weiner and some of the cast talking about what we as viewers can look forward to come April 7, the season’s two-hour premiere date. As far as AMC goes, this is one of their more informative videos for Mad Men. Usually they are so cryptic prior to the premiere. At most we’d be lucky to see new footage – which we don’t in this case – but actually hearing what we can look forward to is a happy bonus.

To start things off, Weiner tells us this will be the season we’ll learn more about Don. The guy is the embodiment of mystery and there’s always a little more to learn about his past. This season will be an even bigger reflection of the time period than we’ve ever seen. We left Season 5 in the spring of 1967, which means all the good parts of the ‘60s are just about to start swinging. The show will be pulling back the curtain, showing us there’s little to hide anymore. Mad Men is winding down – next season is supposedly its last – so expect some big things to happen.

Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré said this season would see the characters doing different things than we’re used to seeing and in general will not be what you would expect. Rich Sommer shared in that revelation, saying it’s exciting and they’re doing new things you wouldn’t have thought of. Okay, you’ve got my curiosity. So what you’re telling me is, Season 6 will be a whole new experience compared to previous years? Sounds good to me. Nobody likes a show that repeats itself too much, so it’s good to know Mad Men has every intention of trying out new things with its characters.