It has been about a year now since CSI fans said good-bye to actress Marg Helgenberger after 12 seasons as a principal actress on the long-running crime investigation series. If you thought retirement from acting was in the cards for Helgenberger, then think again! The actress is going back to work for the CBS network. She will star, in fact, in their new pilot, which called Intelligence.

Intelligence is a drama pilot, which is also in the crime milieu. From ABC Studios and CBS Studios, the plot follows an elite unit at U.S. Cyber Command and especially highlights one agent who has what Deadline calls “a very special gift”. He has a tiny microchip inside his brain, which allows him to “access the entire electromagnetic spectrum”.

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not sure what access to the electromagnetic spectrum allows, but I’m pretty sure it will be very sweet. I’m envisioning Gary from Syfy’s Alphas and thinking Johnny Mnemonic, but with much better production, pacing, and well, everything else. Here’s to hoping that even though the premise sounds a little like the The Six Million Dollar Man , it’ll be much cooler and more modern.

Michael Seitzman is the pilot’s creator. The project is executive produced by Rene Echevarria and David Semel, who will also direct. Helgenberger joins actors James Martinez, Michael Rady and Josh Holloway. In fact, Holloway, known for his role on Lost, is our lead. He’s the guy with the chip in his head. Watch your back Chuck Bartowski.

Helgenberger will play the director of Cybercom, Lillian. She has a great presence to play someone in charge, so that will work in her favor. Martinez, previously seen on Breaking Bad, will act as Gonzo Sanchez, a smart, but “scrappy” federal investigator.

Helgenberger has also appeared on the big screen in Mr. Brooks, Species and In Good Company.