It looks like ABC and CBS may learn to share actress Meghan Ory. She may be your Ruby Lucas on Once Upon a Time, she has also just won a role in the CBS drama pilot called Intelligence.

Little Red Riding Hood is going to U.S. Cyber Command!

We reported recently that former CSI star Marg Helgenberger had been cast in Intelligence, which stars former Lost actor Josh Holloway as the male lead. Now Ory has landed the role of female lead.

Intelligence is created and executive produced by Michael Seitzman, executive produced by Rene Echevarria and Tripp Vinson and directed and executive produced by David Semel.

How will the two networks share? Well, Deadline illuminated fans that both Once and Intelligence are produced by ABC Studios. This is a fact, which definitely helps.

Ory was a recurring character on season on of Once, but was promoted to regular status, partly because of all the pilots interested in casting her! Anyway, Ruby has not been a central part of any of the story lines lately, so she should be able to pull off double duty.

Intelligence is still in pilot stage, too. It focuses on an elite unit fighting cyber crime with the aid of an uncommon special agent named Gabriel, acted by Holloway, who has microchip in his brain, which allows him some very snazzy extra gifts.

Ory will play Riley O’Neil, formerly of the Secret Service. Who must she guard now? You guessed it! She has to protect “the nation’s top intelligence asset”. That would be Holloway’s Gabriel. Let the romantic chemistry sizzle! What do you want to bet they won’t get along at first?

Michael Mahan will play Nelson, a computer scientist who happens to be the son of a certified genius. P.J. Byne has won a role as well. Helgenberger’s part seems to be as the boss of the U.S. Cyber Command unit.