Doctor Who 4

All aboard! TARDIS is taking off and we know just where it will take you when Doctor Who, season 7 launches into the past, intro outer space, and beyond. Today’s trailer teases the next few episodes of the all new season.

Matt Smith and Jenna-Lousie Coleman, also known as the Eleventh Doctor and his companion, Clara, will be returning for fresh adventures. Doctor Who has been missing in action since the Christmas special, which was titled “The Snowmen”.

Previously, we let you gaze adoringly at snazzy poster art from episodes 7, 8, 9 and 10, which kick off on BBC One on 30 March, starting with “The Bells of Saint John”. This technologically advanced episode marks the Doctor’s search for Clara Oswald. Remember, she went and died on him twice already. His search draws him to modern day London, and just in the nick of time. He discovers malicious wifi signals, which are captivating the minds of random victims and holding them in a sort of ether=prison. We also know that during this episode, the Doctor finds Clara, who has been targeted and faces off against an ancient foe.

In episode 8, titled “The Rings of Akhaten”, Doctor Who shows off for Clara by taking her to an alien world. Do the people there practice human sacrifice? Maybe the Festival of Offerings isn’t the right time to visit.

“Cold War,” episode 9, takes place aboard a Russian submarine. The episode was written by Sherlock‘s Mark Gatiss. I wouldn’t want to be trapped in the claustrophobia inducing confines of an underwater vessel no how, but especially not with a scary alien creature on the loose. Aliens and nuclear weapons probably don’t mix.

Fans will even get a horror fix with episode 10, titled “Hide”. Someone call Daniel Radcliffe, because the adventure takes place at a haunted mans ion called Caliburn House. Yes, its situated on a dark moor. There our heroes meet a hunting Professor and a gifted psychic as they track down Witch of the Well. In my experience, witches are better left alone.

You’ve got to love the show’s character design. Just check out those ominous, faceless chaps in dashing top hats in the video. Wow.