New Girl

The Bard said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And Jess once told Russell that “hang over eggs” would either stop him from throwing up the rest of the day, or make him throw up everything very speedily, calling it “high-risk, high-reward.” But I digress. The important thing from you to take away from this New Girl update is this: Dermot Mulroney’s Russell is coming back. What could this mean for Jess and Nick??

Mulroney plays Jess’ ex, a hot older fella, named Russell. His return to the Fox comedy would seem rather ill timed to those of us really rooting for the Jess and Nick relationship to take wing and soar. His return episode is called “First Date” and it happens this April.

When we last saw Russell, who you will recall is the father of one of Jess’ students, it was during a season one’s episode called “Tomatoes”. Jess put an end to their relationship because she wanted more heat. So, what will bring the pair back together? Is it casual or something more? E!online had the teasing news.

In case you are living under a rock, I need to tell you to go and catch up on New Girl episodes because Jess and Jake Johnson’s Nick finally shared a kiss. And the “Relationshippers” rejoiced!

All new episodes of New Girl return on Tuesday, March 12 only on Fox. We’re in the middle of season 2 and so far this season Nick has tried writing a zombie novel, dated a gorgeous stripper acted by Olivia Munn, introduced us all to his ex-con pop acted by Denis Farina, competed with Schmidt for the affections of a chick with a sadness fetish, and tried really hard to impress the bar’s owner acted by Odette Annable.

Do you think Nick and Jess will ever become a real couple?

As for Mr. Mulroney, he will recur on HBO’s Enlightened.