The Ordained

Alcatraz was a J. J. Abrams series that didn’t quite take flight. It may have aired on Fox, but today’s casting news features an Alcatraz reunion taking place on the set of a new CBS pilot called The Ordained.

One half of the Alcatraz mini-reunion is a Kiwi (from New Zealand). The other half is a giant? We’re talking about Sam Neill and Jorge Garcia. Garcia has been appearing on ABC’s Once Upon a Time as, well, the Giant.

In the CBS drama pilot, The Ordained, Boardwalk Empire‘s Charlie Cox, who also played an unsavory Duke early on in Downtown Abbey, will star as the son of a “Kennedy-esque” family who chooses to leave the priesthood to become a lawyer. Why? His sister is a politician and the target of some sort of assassination plot. I’m not sure how one thing prevents the other, but I’ve got to say, I’m intrigued.

D.C. is definitely the hot topic for television of late. Homeland has received enormous acclaim. It helped that it was also addictive. I found Netflix’s offering, House of Cards, to be a satisfying romp, and Scandal is my personal guilty pleasure.

Sam Neill will play Michael Thomas Riley, reported THR, Tom’s dad. Are you ready for this? The character is best known as “The Governor”. Now where have we heard that nickname before?

There’s good reason. Neill’s character is a former three-term Governor of New York. He wanted to be president, but didn’t quite make it. He now lives vicariously though his daughter, Packy. Unless there are two girl children, then Packy is also the sister in danger of being killed.

There is no word yet on Jorge Garcia’s character. Entourage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui will play Sam, a writer who lives next door to Tom. Here’s your human interest element, because Same is very free-spirited and Tom, a former priest, is not.