A new CW pilot called Oxygen is in the works. So far the project has drawn quite a few familiar faces. You can now add a 90210 star and Pretty Little Liars actress to the list. Are you read to see more of Matt Lanter and Natalie Hall?

The news is bittersweet for 90210 fans. The reboot has just recently been axed by the CW network. Is this the first time you’ve heard? Well, that could be because the decision was only announced a few days ago.

Matt Lanter will survive the show’s cut because he’s going on to a lead role in Oxygen. Written by Meredith Averill and directed by Gary Fleder, Oxygen follows teenager Emery, to be acted by Aimee Teegarden, as she completely falls head over heels for an alien by the name of Roman.

We shared the news with you previously, but now we can report that Lanter will be our starring alien lad. Forget I am Number 4, because there are 9 aliens dispersed about Emery’s high school.

As for Natalie Hall, she will co-star in the pilot as a human gal named Taylor. She’s the “mean girl” in the equation, the most popular girl at school. Deadline reported that Taylor would actually take an interest in Emery, who will be new to the school, but her attentions will sour when Emery is so friendly to the aliens, known as The Orions.

I’m a little unclear on whether Orion is their last name, like Twilight’s Cullen clan, or the alien race is called the Orions. If it’s the later, does popular girl Taylor know the Orions are aliens or does she dislike them for some other reason? Will you be tuning in to find out more?

Oxygen is still just a pilot at this point. Do you think it could be better than Roswell was back in the day? Lanter’s casting was also announced by Deadline.