Revolution NBC

By the time Revolution finally returns to NBC for the second half of its first season, it will have been four months since the last time it aired a new episode. That’s a long hiatus, but Revolution was popular for its first ten episodes; hopefully its audience will be loyal enough to return after such an extended break. Not wanting to leave things entirely to chance, NBC has put up a video preview of the March 25 premiere, “The Stand,” to remind viewers why they need to come back. When we last saw Miles, Charlotte and the others, they were about to be attacked by Monroe in his newly flyable helicopter, complete with machine gun and rockets. Now tell me you don’t want to see how that standoff ends.

The preview opens up with producers J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke – also the creator – talking up the second half of the season. They say we’re in for a bigger and cooler half and the next episode will pick up right where we left off. Then comes the actual footage from the episode. We do indeed start with Monroe in the chopper. He opens fire on our group of heroes and they take off running. The chopper chases them; cutting down tree and grass. Luckily the group finds an old diner to use as cover. Oh, but wait! The helicopter has rockets! And Monroe uses them! He blows that diner up sky high. So if you thought this teaser would ruin the opening moments of “The Stand,” keep in mind we still don’t know if the good guys make it out alive. We can assume they do though because, you know, they need to be around for the season to continue.

The second half of Revolution will hopefully live up to the show’s title. I want an actual revolution. I want a freaking war to break out. It sure looks like that’s the direction things are going, but I feel it needs to reiterated: this show needs to be as intense as it can be for it to continue to be a success. No more episodes about traipsing through the wilderness; we need everyone to be ready and willing to die to put a stop to Monroe.