The Sixth Gun NBC

The Sixth Gun already has its smoking hot female lead – Laura Ramsey, I am forever grateful for your existence and I totally forgive you for being in The Ruins – but what good is a pretty woman if she doesn’t have an equally attractive male lead to bounce off of and inevitably become romantically involved with? And given The Sixth Gun’s dark subject matter, this is exactly the kind of project that would awkwardly shove a romance down our throats when there are more interesting things happening around the characters. Treme’s Michiel Huisman has snagged the part of our rugged male companion. Splendid, now there’s someone for everyone to drool over. I’m practically swooning just looking at him.

NBC’s Carlton Cuse-produced pilot is a supernatural Western following the tale of six mythical guns, each with their own unique, but dark, powers. The titular Sixth Gun is the most powerful of them all and finds itself in the hands of an innocent farmer’s daughter named Becky Montcrief (Ramsey), causing dark forces to surface. Huisman will, according to Deadline, be playing Drake Sinclair, a rogue gunslinger and handsome devil. He has a shadowy past, complete with mixed allegiances, and is looking for the gun, as it will allegedly lead to a great treasure. As I previously mentioned, I have the sneaking suspicion Drake and Becky will find themselves uncontrollably attracted to each other, so while they’re fighting back the forces of evil they’ll manage to steal glances of longing at the other.

I’m genuinely concerned about the potential for romance here. Having grown sick of The Following, Fox’s most recent hit drama, because of it’s weird inclusion of a love triangle amongst a group of serial killers, I’ve lost my love for romantic entanglements in big concept dramas unless it’s approached in a way that’s easy to stomach.

Written by Ryan Condal, The Sixth Gun is based on the comic book of the same name. The pilot was directed by Jeffrey Reiner and produced by Universal TV.