Sons of Anarchy FX

With Sons of Anarchy set to start production on its sixth season this spring, it’s time to start wondering which characters are going to be returning to cause a little trouble in Charming. One thing I love about Sons is its diverse supporting cast, which expands with new faces every season. For Season 6, you can expect to see several new characters from Season 5 returning including Jimmy Smits. He plays a very important person in Jax’s life right now so I’m glad to hear the show is keeping him around a while longer. But how much longer can Smit’s character, Nero Padilla, stick around when his relationship with Jax is fraying?

According to Deadline, Smits will be on for all 13 episodes of Season 6, which is only one episode more compared to his Season 5 appearances. I’d love to be able to guess what the show has in store for Nero and his partnership with Jax – whether he will continue to be confrontational after the attack on Lyla or if he and Jax can find a happy place and continue working together – but we won’t know until closer to the season’s premiere. I’d also like to know how his relationship with Gemma will play out in the long run, if we should expect something bigger to happen between them that could cause some serious drama.

On top of Smits, Donal Logue will return after first appearing last season. I think it would be great if the show could somehow bring back Darby. He hasn’t been seen since Season 3 and I’d kind of like to know what he’s been up to. How are those burns treating him these days, what kind of gang related stuff has he been getting in to, that kind of stuff. I won’t get my hopes up, but the possibility is always out there. Maybe if we wait patiently he’ll pop back up.