Hatfields & McCoys NBC

Not every new series works out. There are a hundred reasons why a particular sitcom or drama won’t find an audience, but every year many series find themselves canceled early on in their lives. Just such a fate had befallen the CBS comedy Partners, which starred Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill fame. I have to give Bush my acknowledgement for making the move from drama to comedy even if it didn’t work out in her favor. It’s smart for actors and actresses to keep things fresh by jumping around and not getting tied down by a particular genre. Bush is apparently continuing with that train of thought as she has been cast in the Hatfields & McCoys drama pilot.

A modern-day take on an infamous feud, Hatfields & McCoys takes place in Pittsburgh after the death of a McCoy patriarch reignites the decades long fight between families. According to Deadline, Bush will be playing Emma McCoy, the shining star and oldest of the McCoy siblings, as well as a doctor. I’m wondering if every member of the Hatfield and McCoy families are consumed by this fight or if there will be one or two members who are sick of the antagonism and just want peace. If that were so, could Bush be playing someone who is more understanding toward the Hatfields?

The pilot, made for NBC, was written by John Glenn and is being directed by Michael Mayer. Charlize Theron – yes, the famous actress – is an executive producer, which is hopefully a positive point of interest. Just because a big name is attached as an exec producer doesn’t necessarily mean the series will be any good. Just take a look at Terra Nova and Smash. Both had Steven Spielberg attached as an exec producer and both were pretty big messes. If Theron’s name is supposed to be comforting, it isn’t. What will be comforting is a good quality show.