Star Wars Lucasfilm

With all the buzz surrounding the new Star Wars trilogy and J.J. Abrams helming Episode VII, it’s not hard to imagine Lucasfilm as a bustling beehive of activity. Three new films is big deal and a lot of work – it has to make up for the prequel trilogy, after all – but it comes at a great cost. While Lucasfilm Animation has had great success with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the company is headed in a new direction that would lead it to a time period never before seen in any film or television series to date. What does this mean for the future of The Clone Wars? Nothing good.

Effectively, The Clone Wars has been canceled. Lucasfilm is no longer producing episodes for the Cartoon Network, but there is a silver lining. Lucasfilm released a statement on saying they still have several story arcs they would like to see the series get through that will fill in the remaining gaps between Episode II and III. But these episodes are essentially bonus content and would likely not air on TV. They might be straight to DVD or aired as a webseries. At least we still have Star Wars Detours, the animated comedy series from Seth Green, Matthew Senreich and Todd Grimes. Oh wait; we don’t have that anymore either. Because of Episode VII’s sudden importance, Lucasfilm doesn’t feel now is a good time to debut a new TV series. For now, Detours is postponed.

Here’s my issue with this. I’m okay with The Clone Wars being canceled. We were only ever guaranteed 100 episodes – five seasons worth of content – and we’re still getting something from that series. But postponing Detours doesn’t make a lot of sense considering this talk of a “new direction” with a different series. Why is it okay to go ahead with one series, but not the other? Unless this new series in a new time period is being specifically targeted for after Episode VII, this decision doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sure Green and his partners aren’t too pleased either to have their baby benched.