Helix Syfy

Syfy may have passed on Blood & Chrome as a series – it still made it as a ten-part web series and then a two-hour TV movie – but it seems like the network was practically chomping at the bit for Ronald D. Moore’s next series, Helix. Syfy has apparently ordered Helix straight to series, even ordering a total of 13 episodes without so much as batting an eye. Syfy must feel like they have a real winner on their hands if they’re showing such strong faith in an untested product. I just hope this isn’t another string of empty promises like Blood & Chrome was and we’ll actually get to see this series air.

This will mark Moore’s return to Syfy, which isn’t surprising. He’s practically made his living on this network. According to Deadline, the Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer will hand the reins over to Steve Maeda (Lost, CSI: Miami), who will serve as showrunner and executive producer. Cameron Porsandeh wrote the original pilot and will now be co-executive producer. The series comes from Sony Pictures TV, where Moore and his Tall Ship Productions are under an overall deal with, and will begin production early 2013 and will debut later in the year.

Helix follows a team of scientists investigating a possible disease outbreak in an Arctic research facility, so in my mind I see it as a mesh of The Thing and Contagion. With any luck it won’t be anything like either movie and will be it’s own entity. “With its well-drawn characters, taut drama, and incredible production team, we couldn’t be more excited to see this intense thrill-ride of a series come to life,” said Syfy’s president of original content Mark Stern. Well, if he’s optimistic there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be either. But first Helix has to air. As long as it does something different, it has a half-decent chance of being a good show, but it also needs to have high ratings. We don’t want another Alphas on our hands, which was an amazing, dark series that just couldn’t hold on to an audience.