Teen Beach Movie Disney Channel

It’s a been a few years since the High School Musical franchise finally came to an end, which means it’s high time Disney found a new musical movie to turn into a hot commodity. We’ve already seen high school turned into a musical, so what could we do next? How about a callback to all the classic beach-party movies of old? Nothing says “appropriate for all ages” like teenagers singing and dancing at the hot, sunny beach in nothing but their bathing suits. That’s a lot of sex appeal Disney will have to curb. Amazingly, they might have done the trick without much effort.

Disney Channel will air Teen Beach Movie at 8 p.m. Friday, July 19 with the trailer debuting Friday at midnight on Disney.com and 9 p.m. on the Disney Channel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the telefilm will star Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell as Brady and McKenzie, two surfers who end up in a classic beach-party movie called Wet Side Story. Surfers and bikers battle for control of the beach hangout and randomly break into song and dance, as would happen in any good rivalry story. Throwing the bikers into the mix, at least for me, seems like it would tone down any sex appeal the movie might’ve had. Bikers just aren’t sexy. Well, they are. But not in the same way bikini clad ladies are.

The movie also stars Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, John Deluca, Chrissie Fit, Tony nominee Kevin Chamberlin and Steve Valentine. It was written by Vince Marcello & Mark Landry and Robert Horn. Jeffrey Hornaday directed as well as choreographed with Chris Scott. David Buelow executive produced and Robert F. Phillips produced. The soundtrack will be available from Walt Disney Records on Tuesday, July 16 on iTunes and stores nationwide. The soundtrack had contributions from songwriters and producers Antonina Armato & Tim James, Jeannie Lurie, Aris Achontis, Chen Neeman, David Lawrence & Faye Greenberg, Ali Dee, Mitch Allan, Jason Evigan and Nikki Leonti.