Vampire Diaries

“Come on, you’re better than this.” Did you ever imagine Stefan Salvatore would be saying those words to Elena? You can hear the exchange with your own ears in today’s fresh new Vampire Diaries clip. He even helps her stretch. That sounds yummy, but it isn’t. He doesn’t really have a choice in the matter. This is just more of Elena’s new attitude shining through.

Why is her ex questioning her? It seems some of the hospital’s blood supply is missing. Dun dun dun. Elena even asks if she really needs to be fearful of becoming like Stefan’s old self. He says yes. What do you think?

You can thank the CW for this teaser. It’s still season 4 and episodes will run until May. The next episode, titled “Bring It On” is coming March 14th.

In Stefan’s defense, Elena might just deserve a stern talking to. He’s not the only one who is concerned about her behavior. In fact, both Stefan and Damon find common ground when they agree she should dive back into her normal routine. The monotony of high school might cool her down.

We can expect in this coming episode that with that in mind, Elena will rejoin cheer leading. Caroline will really like that, but what happens when the return turns dangerous? Tell me that doesn’t pique your interest!

The search for the cure won’t take a siesta. Damon and Rebekah will work together? That could prove problematic, eh? Also, Klaus will make a discovery about Hayley. And let me tell you, Elena will get totally out of hand. Yikes.

As we revealed earlier, “Because the Night” is the episode after this one, coming March 21st. It involves some flashbacks into Damon’s dark past.

When it comes to ratings, CW’s supernatural drama has enjoyed highs with adults aged 18-49. Don’t forget that the episode which introduces “The Originals” debuts on April 25.