The Walking Dead

Photos from the next thrilling episode of The Walking Dead are undeniably a treat. Photos of Daryl Dixon from the next thrilling episode of The Walking Dead are a whole ‘nother kind of awesome. Prepare yourselves, because the crossbow toting Georgia boy with a heart of gold is what we plan to deliver in this update.

Is it just me, or is the beloved one looking very Road Warrior today?

Norman Reedus is the man of the hour. As one half of the two leads in the cult classic, The Boondock Saints, you would think the actor was somewhat accustomed to mad fan love, but the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead has put the 44 year old Flordia-born actor in probably the brightest spotlight of his life. Some speculate that it is his unpredictability that makes Daryl so popular.

It’s season 3 in the zombiepocalypse and I can’t blame AMC for releasing promo pics featuring Daryl. It’s a lot like offering candy to babes or dangling a carrot in front of a mule. Where there’s Daryl, we will follow. As if we needed anymore of a reason to watch anyway.

But a more concrete reason to feature Daryl can be found in the March 10 episode title, which is, “Arrow on the Doorpost”. What does it mean? What’s going to happen? I can hardly wait! We do know, thanks to these photos, that Daryl will be on the hunt. See him peeking into broken windows? Who is he looking for? Whatever he’s doing, it allows him the time to lay out a few walkers. Say goodbye, “biters”.

There’s also a pic of our favorite post apocalyptic law enforcement officer. Hi, Rick! He looks more calm in this photo than he has been since…well, since the series started!

Walking Dead 2

Walking Dead 3


Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC