Lost Girl

The rich mysteries and the encounters with the Fae will both continue thanks to Syfy. The network announced this week that two of its series, Warehouse 13 and Lost Girl shall live on. One pops in after a mid-season break, the other celebrates a series renewal for another intrepid season.

When Warehouse 13 returns to the airwaves, you can consider it Season “4.5”. When does this happen? I know you Warehouse fans are burning to know. Well, burn no more. The come back is scheduled for April 29. This will kick off the show’s final 10 episodes of the current season in a brand new time slot. Pay attention! Mondays at 10 p.m. on Syfy now belong to the 13 crew.

According to EW, this change in scheduling will give Warehouse 13 a “lead-in” from Syfy’s new drama Defiance. You remember the details on that one, right? Aliens are involved.

The Warehouse 13 premiere episode will be called “The Living and the Dead,” and will take up the story right where the midseason cliffhanger left you. The Black Orchid Artifact’s deadly pandemic virus is on the loose. The team is infected but still must battle to stop the spread. Get ready for this wrinkle Syfy fans, The premiere actress Polly Walker of both Caprica and Rome makes her debut in this episode as a historian, a mysterious historian. Jaime Murray and Kate Mulgrew will also appear. I see you Star Trek fans grinning!

As for Lost Girl the renewal news, shouted out by Deadline, means a fourth season for the show. The 13 all new episodes would start in 2014. Relax, season three isn’t over yet. Believe it or not, Lost Girl averages about 1 million viewers. Anna Silk stars in the Canadian production, which follows the life and times about a girl who learns she’s a Succubus. Haven’t seen it yet? Think Angel meets True Blood and The Dresden Files. It’s on Netflix. In fact, so are seasons of Warehouse 13.