Breaking Bad AMC

AMC made some big announcements in recent days, letting us now what kind of shows it has in development, which are being renewed and when we can expect one of its most popular series, Breaking Bad, to premiere its final string of episodes. Not only that, but AMC announced it would be airing a new live companion after show, similar in style and name to Talking Dead: Talking Bad. It’s always interesting to hear what AMC has cooking in the scripted programming department. I wish I could say the same for its reality series, but I’ve never been one to get sucked into following the lives of eccentric people that are supposedly real and not playing up their quirkiness for the cameras.

Let’s start with the biggest news, in my opinion: Breaking Bad’s premiere. According to Deadline, the hit drama will return August 11, which is an entire month later than it premiered last year. These next eight episodes will be Breaking Bad’s last, a sad thought, but it’s also good. Talking Bad will air its half-hour episodes at 11 PM. AMC also announced a new, overall deal with writer Rolin Jones, which will put him writing and executive producing projects for AMC and AMC alone.

In development are shows like Ballistic City, a futuristic story of a former cop thrust into the criminal underworld of a city inside a generational spaceship; Ashland, a 1950s period piece about a Kentucky mining town family hiding their secrets at the height of the Red Scare; White City, a drama following western diplomats and journalists living in Afghanistan; The Wall, a 1960s Berlin set drama about an American businessman becoming embroiled in East-West espionage; and King, a 1960s set drama where Floridian King Carmichael sells his soul to win a seat in the Senate and winds up championing civil rights in the South.

New unscripted shows are Majority Rules, celebrating the American democratic process; All-Star Celebrity Bowling, pretty self-explanatory; and Cancelled, putting six households in competition to determine who has the most-watched reality show.

Small Town Security premieres Thursday, May 9; Showville on Thursday, May 23; Low Winter Sun on Sunday, August 11; Owner’s Manual, Thursday, August 15; and The Pitch on Thursday, August 15.

Talking Dead was renewed for a third season, as was Comic Book Men, while Freakshow was renewed for a second.