Annabella Sciorra


It’s been 13 years of CSI and I was beginning to think it was strange we only ever heard about Capt. Jim Brass’ consistently off-screen wife. And when I say I thought it was strange, what I really mean is I was deeply invested in the idea Nancy Brass was never a real person. Like, I’m talking a total figment of Brass’ imagination. I was even close to figuring out a way to explain his child – it wouldn’t have been hard since she’s not biologically his – but there was no need because, after waiting for so long, Nancy will finally make an appearance. They even cast someone to play her!

According to the Hollywood Reporter , Annabella Sciorra will play Nancy. She’ll finally come out of hiding when a case hits close to home for the Brass family – if you can even call them such a thing. Nancy appears in the season finale, but she has already been confirmed to be returning for the Season 14 premiere. The upcoming finale, “Skin in the Game,” will have the team investigating the disappearance of Ellie Brass (Teal Redmann), Nancy’s daughter. The last time we saw Ellie was in the sixth season, so it’s like a big family reunion, but one of those really awful ones you wish would just end. The episode will explore the marriage troubles of Nancy and Jim, as well as their infidelities. Long time fans will be quick to remember Nancy cheated on Jim and had Ellie, but Ellie was never made aware of this. Maybe the finale will blow that secret wide open. I think it’s about time this family got their shit together and stopped being so selfish. No wonder Ellie hasn’t been around in seven years.

Also returning is Tangie Ambrose as Miss Kitty, who hasn’t been seen since Marg Helgenberger’s final episode in January 2012. The finale is set to air May 15.