Dexter Showtime

Dexter’s summer premiere is drawing closer and Showtime wants to get us pumped with this new trailer for the upcoming eighth season. There are a lot of dangling plot threads to get through before Dexter can come to a satisfying conclusion and one of them is hinted at in the quick flashes we get in the video. Now that Deb has committed murder, will she join her brother as a serial killing pair or will it eat her up inside, ultimately turning her against herself and her brother. While Dexter might not feel bad about LaGuerta’s death, Deb clearly does. She tells Dex she shot the wrong person. Ouch.

What we’re seeing here is at least one step in Deb’s journey in Season 8. Dexter isn’t about to feel any guilt, but he doesn’t have emotions like Deb. She feels everything, even feelings for her homicidal brother. These emotions confuse her, which is likely why she pulled the trigger on LaGuerta. But as we see in the trailer, she’s realized she doesn’t need Dexter as she always thought; he needs her. But this is just one piece of the puzzle. There’s still plenty of room for Deb to come around to Dexter’s way of thinking. Personally, I hope she doesn’t. As fascinating as it is to watch someone on the side of the law slowing be drawn to killing, it’s even better if she feels that temptation and then turns away from it. Maybe she can be the one who finally turns Dex in.

As I’m sure you noticed, the video also advertises Showtime’s new drama starring Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan. I don’t really have much to say on it. It looks like a bunch of angry people shouting at each other, but that’s just first impressions. I might check it out when it airs, but I might not. Showtime usually has interesting concepts, but the execution’s often lacking. Like Dexter: it’s always been an interesting idea, but sometimes the episodes, or even full seasons, just don’t capture my attention.