Burn Notice

Are you an “evolved male”? If you are already, or intend to live the masculine life more refined, then the Esquire Network purports to be the television network for you. To win your viewership and aesthetic allegiance, the network has acquired two USA network shows. They are Burn Notice and Psych. Ready? Set. Refine!

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings and the G4 network has been completely re-branded to become the Esquire Network. The goal? The network aims to offer programming to fully capture the sophisticated voice, unmistakable style and razor sharp wit that have already flavored the pages of Esquire magazine.

To that end, THR reports that repeats of two USA network dramas, Psych and Burn Notice, will join their line up. You can begin tuning in starting in late April. Episodes of Psych will rock your weekdays at 5 and 6 p.m., with episodes of Burn Notice hitting hard on Friday nights in prime time.

If you ask me, Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan as burned CIA contractor Michael Westen, is the epitome of the Esquire man. He dresses the part and his looks can literally kill. Our beloved Psych leads aren’t far behind him, but he’s just a tad more–shall we say–hardcore?

One day the Esquire Network does wish to feature 100% of it’s own original programming, but for now the network exec Adam Stotsky will rely on movies like James Bond and similarly posh but masculine series from other NBCU cable networks for the bulk of his offerings. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, for instance, makes the cut and will appear nightly at 7 p.m.

We want well rounded men and so the Esquire network hopes to play host to a variety of genres, “from politics and fashion to food to beer.”

One such original series for the network is already in the works. With the working title of American Field Trip, photojournalist Matt Hranek will host the show featuring “off the beaten path” experiences around the good old U.S. of A.

Other shows you’ll soon find on the Esquire network are the chef competition called Knife Fight, ca travel series called The Getaway, and the comedy Parks and Recreation.