Hell on Wheels

Actress Jennifer Ferrin is currently a recurring presence on Fox’s The Following, but she has just won a series regular role on the third season of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. Load your six-shooters, because if season 2 was any evidence, then season 3 will make for a very bumpy ride.

On The Following, Ferrin is Molly, a member of serial killer Joe Carroll’s cult, who was embedded in order to form an attachment with Kevin Bacon’s Ryan Hardy.

Her new role will be somewhat of a change up for her and sounds to me like it will be loads of fun. Hell on Wheels has a western theme and that alone should be a remarkable change of pace from being a part of the Fox crime series cast.

For Hell on Wheels, TV Line learned, Ferrin will play Louise Ellison, a bright, confident, “flirtatious journalist”. Louise will be hired by the New York Sun in season 3 to follow the “story of the century,” which has been the center of the series, the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Louise is known for bringing humanity to her reporting, reporting in a direct, honest and no holds barred manner. She seeks the truth in every story. I wonder how she’ll get along with Cullen. He seems to respect strong women, but he won’t take kindly to anyone scrutinizing him or his past.

Speaking of reporting, actress Dominique McElligott has been playing Lily Bell, once called by the newspapers, the “fair haired maiden of the west”. Did she survive the season 2 finale? If so, will she be friendly with the new reporter in town?

Her casting marks a reunion between Ferrin and the Cape Executive Producer, John Wirth. Wirth just recently became showrunner for AMC’s Hell on Wheels.

Ferrin has also appeared on As the World Turns for CBS and Life on Mars for ABC.

A 10-episode season 3 roars onto the tracks this summer.