Hemlock Grove

Netflix has been making a name for itself in the arena of original content development. The Kevin Spacey political thriller House of Cards has been a big win and when it comes to comedy, many are counting the days until the arrival of Netflix’s exclusive new season of Arrested Development. What’s missing? The horror! But it’s coming scary movie fans, in the form of the atmospheric and creepy new Netflix original series, Hemlock Grove. We’ve been following developments and today we can unveil a new teaser.

Ready to meet a werewolf, up close and personal? Hey, we can do one better. Today’s video doesn’t just introduce actor Landon Liboiron in the leading role of Peter Rumancek, a teenaged “Gypsy trailer trash” shape-shifter, who many believe may have been behind the recent murder of a young girl, but it also reveals Mr. Furry’s lycan transformation.

Moonlight, skin, bones snapping, blood, eyeballs? This is one of the most original transformations for a shifter we’ve ever seen. But then Cabin Fever and Hostel director Eli Roth is behind the madness, so we should have been prepared.

Just because Peter is a wolf, doesn’t mean he murdered the young girl, though, does it? That’s why Peter will team up with Roman, the local heir to the Godfrey Steel Mill fortune and the other prime suspect in the girl’s death, to uncover the true killer’s identity.

Hemlock Grove also stars Famke Janssen, Bill SkarsgĂ„rd, Lili Taylor and Dougray Scott, with Joel de la Fuente in the recurring role of Dr. Johann Pryce. If you saw our last video, then you know Famke’s character, matriarch of the Godfrey clan, has some spooky secrets, too.

The entire first season of Hemlock Grove, which brings 13 episodes, will be available on Netflix beginning on Friday, April 19. Will you dare to unlock the “monster within”?